Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freak of the Week - Bob The Builder

This has been like the weirdest week. We got flooded. The Business is half torn apart. Audrey is up to her old bullshit again. And all the freaks have come out of hiding. It must be a full moon.

Let me make this quick. We were closed over the weekend while the workers removed all the affected carpeting and walls. Now all that's left is a giant tarp covering up half our space. Inside it's just bare concrete, wires and pipes.

So what is it exactly about bare concrete, wires and pipes that turns guys on? Monday was my first full working day since the flood and EVERY customer made a comment about wanting to do a session behind the tarp. There's just something about construction work that turns guys on. At first it was funny. Then it was annoying.

Then there's Bob.

Bob actually put the money where his mouth is. He was my last customer last night and I swear, he would not shut up about the construction. You know how guys get when they're in "man" mode - he stood there with his hands on his hips asking technical questions and making suggestions about how we could improve things. Meanwhile, I was in "girl" mode and was trying to lure him into session so I could get the heck home on time.

I knew what he was going to say and he finally did. "Hey - can we do it right here?"

"Sure Bob. Just whip it out right here and I'll take care of you."

So he did. Now normally, I would have just grabbed him by his dick and dragged him into my room. And if he were a newbie, I would have kicked him out without waiting for him to zip up. But Bob's a Regular, the place was empty, I was tired, and I figured we could make this quick.

I led him over to where my room used to be. The shower stall is still there, but the wall behind it is gone. I told him to "get comfortable" while I ran across the hall to get some warm oil. When I came back, he was standing there with his shirt on and no pants. I don't care if you're Brad Pitt - that's always an unattractive look for guys.

I led him to my shower stall (or what was left of it) thinking this will make for easy clean up. Bob normally takes a G-string, so I pulled off my hoodie and put it on the ground. Then with my bra still on, I knelt down on the hoodie and started to work his cock gently without oil. Bob prefers the "striptease" so I usually undress at various points during the massage.

I think the whole kinkyness of it was getting to him because he got excited a lot quicker than usual. Normally I can get him semi-erect with my hands dry, then I switch to oil, but tonight he went from zero to 60 without much effort from me. Heck, I think he was looking more at the water pipes than he was at the girls.

But now that he was good to go, I realized how awkward it was going to be to oil him up before I was undressed since I wasn't surrounded by towels and sheets. So I decided to improvise. Instead of lubing him up with oil, I spit on his cock.

When I did that, his eyes got really wide. "Holy shit girl! That's hot. Keep doing that..."

And I thought I was just being lazy.

I sped up the pumping motion with my left hand and started to massage his balls with my right. Then I stopped and spit on him again, only this time I made it a point to spit on the head and let it drip for a second so he could enjoy the show. Bob moaned for a few seconds, then I started working him again.

This is great, I thought. He doesn't even care that I'm still in my bra. I knew he didn't have much longer to go, so I started pointing him towards the shower stall. Bob is a "director" so he always tells me exactly what to do to finish him off.

"Just like that girl... Oh yeah... Now spit on it again but don't stop..." He looked up. Either he was about to cum, or he was turned on by the bare heating duct. "... now faster... faster... that's it..."

Bob let out a really loud groan that kinda carried in the hollowed out space. His cum shot neatly into the shower stall, just like I had planned. I continued to stroke him slowly until he quieted down. Then he looked at me and gave me a big grin.

I lifted my left hand, which was dripping with semen and stuck my tongue out like I was going to lick it off. Bob was in no condition to be teased any further, so I just smiled at him and then grabbed the towel.

As I imagined, clean up was really easy. And I had managed to complete an entire session in a third of the time while sending Bob home in a good mood. He even tipped me a couple bucks extra!

So I was able to go home finally - also in a good mood. I really needed the pick me up because I lost out on work for a few days and discovered just this morning that Audrey actually kept appointments over the weekend. I almost flipped out when I heard that from Cindy. Fucking bitch keeps her own appointments, but tells us to go home.

But I feel better now. It looks like The Business will operate with half the rooms gone for now until the insurance crap is settled and the work begins. Meanwhile a massage table was moved into the tanning room and we're all going to share 2 rooms.

I'll live, but I miss my room.



Anonymous said...

I can assure you I would not have been staring at the duct work, not with the girls right there. The rest of that sounded sexy as hell though.


just bob said...

Maybe you should leave the walls bare :)

Anonymous said...


Would you ever lick the cum off your hand if the price was right?

Mike said...

Dude are you serious?

I mean really...

cj said...

Dear Bob,
I think you may be on to something. Now I'm thinking themed rooms. One under construction. Another one that looks like a kitchen. And maybe a principals office. What do you think?

Dear Anon,
Dude are you serious? I mean really...


Reflex said...

Themed rooms is not a bad idea, cept for the fact that the place has to 'look legit'. Too bad though, its a good idea.


Dude are you serious?

I mean really...

Joker said...

I'm trying to picture that room right now, but I don't think I'd be able to even get it up in a room like that.

and one more thing...Dude, are you serious?

I mean really....

Anonymous said...

2nd the idea on the principal's office room. Nurse's station wouldn't be bad either.

and... Dude, are you serious?

I mean really...

Anonymous said...

Great post CJ

...and dude, are you friggin serious?


Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to ask dude if he was serious. LOL

Luv ya CJ, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I just surfed into your blog tonight. I was doing a google search on massage parlour experiences and the blog came up on the search results. I am enjoying reading your entries and they are very informative, not to mention quite humorous.

I visited an exotic massage parlour last week and experienced a "happy ending" through a young lady who gave me the thrill of a lifetime. It was the first time I have ever been to such a place (although I have been to many strip clubs over the years), and I was nervous when I went in, but once she came into the room and practiced her trade on me, I realized that this is probably what I have been looking for; needless to say, it was a very satisfying experience.

I'm in my early forties and look younger for my age, due to not only my hereditary features, but also my physical fitness (I work out a lot with weights and cardio). The young lady who entertained me was basically young enough to be my daughter and it was more than a little strange having someone that age working me in an intimate way. When we did the reversal, I admired her youthful figure and complexion as she lay on the table. I felt drawn to not only massage her, but also to kiss her back with slow, lingering kisses. These kisses also were planted on the back of her knees, her shoulders, the back of her neck, her jaw and cheeks. She asked if she could turn over and I said, yes. So I continued to gently kiss her breasts and to brush my lips lightly against her nipples. I kissed her neck and throat, her jaw and under her ears. And I also kissed her lips, though lightly because I didn't know how far I was allowed to go. During this time, I stroked her lightly with my fingers and hands. I think she enjoyed herself and I was quite happy to offer some pleasure to her. I am a romantic man, more interested in pleasuring a woman in a selfless way, because I love women.

When she released me, it was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. I have had sex since I was sixteen years old, and this was one of the best releases of my life.

I plan on going again. I don't really like the idea of being categorized into a "regular", but that seems to be what I will be heading towards becoming. I intend on showing the massesuse(s) respect and I am glad to read your blog so as to gain further insights into etiquette and the rules which govern the relationship between yourselves and the clients.

I'll continue to read your blog and offer further comments as it progesses. Thanks.

Bye for now,


Mike said...


Are you serious?

I mean really...

Anonymous said...

Hey Christian welcome to the blog...you screwed up the whole damn thing. Did you not recognize a pattern????


...I MEAN REALLY !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome, PJ. Glad to be aboard!

Screw up? If it was a screw up, then it was a damn good one...:)



Anonymous said...

By the way, to Mister 4:59,

Dude are really serious?

As in totally?


Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymouse (first time blog reader)...

You sound like you're kinda weird...

Dude are you serious? Of course she has!

Anonymous said...

if you want theme rooms, maybe one should be
a dirty alleyway.

Shue said...

RE: Construction Work

Gee, I wouldn't think you'd have a problem with erections.

(Sorry, I had to make that joke.)

Anonymous said...

I dunno about the spit. Never saw a provider do that (thank God). It always turns me off, watching porn, when somebody lobs a loogie on a pussy or cock. It's like, it doesn't belong there and that's about as un-sexy as it gets.
Maybe it's just me.

Oh, but some providers DO swallow, so... I guess he was. Serious.