Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disaster Update

Ugh. What a night. So here's what happened...

Apparently a fitting on the shower in room 2 burst open sometime in the morning. It was inside the wall, so water did not spray over the room like Audrey first said. Instead, it seeped all over that half of The Business. Trina's room, my room, the storage room and the hallway were all soaked.

When I got there yesterday, there were like 5 guys plus the landlord running around fixing things. 2 years ago when my toilet exploded, I had to wait a day for one guy to show up. I have to admit one thing about Audrey - she has connections. She was besides herself, so I tried my best to calm her down. I agreed that there was no way we could do business with all that activity going on.

After the pipe was fixed and most of the water was removed, a guy showed up to give an estimate on repairing the damage. The one wall was totally ripped apart by the plumbers, and the carpets were a mess. None of the furniture seemed to be damaged but everything kinda smells funny now. Luckily, the water didn't reach the office or the tanning room. We have a $5000 tanning booth sitting directly across the hall from where the leak was.

According to the guy, the wall where the shower is has to be completely replaced. All the carpet in the 3 rooms has to be ripped up. And parts of my wall may have to go too.

Audrey can't afford to shut down completely for a week, but we also can't operate while they're doing the work (apparently you guys can't seem to get it up when you hear the chattering of Mexican guys painting outside the door). So for now we're all gonna share the remaining 2 rooms. We'll push opening from 11 to noon, and Audrey will let the contractors work in the mornings.

But for today, Audrey doesn't want me to come in till the bad carpeting is ripped up, so I'm looking at an evening shift instead of a day. Oh well, not like I make that much money on a Thursday anyway.

BTW - I like how so few people cared that The Business got flooded, but instead they're going at it in the comments of my last post. Thanks for the sympathy guys!!!



Anonymous said...

Sorry about the flood, but I only check in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Didn't know about it until today.

Pete said...

New reader here in Georgia, I've almost caught up on your prior post. I hate you guys got flooded, any interruption in business is never good.

PS- I've learned a lot from your post, hopefully I won't make a mistake the next I visit a parlor down here. I've only been once and was unsure of what to do. Now I know. Thanks, CJ

Ruby N. Esque said...

I think your freak of the week should be one of the contractors :)

Ed4659 said...

Hey CJ,

Been a few days behind on my reading. It is terrible that The Business got flooded and I am sorry to hear that. Hope they get things fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to how much of the damage is going to have to be covered by the business. It seems to me that the landlord should bare most of the responsibility. Given that you are losing business operating times, maybe the insurance that Audrey should have would cover some of the extra shutdown time. I hope that things get back to normal for you soon. good luck getting the "wet" smell out of things.

Advizor said...

I'm sorry CJ.

I do have a lot of sympathy for the troubles you are having. I came home from a vacation to find my kitchen ceiling on the kitchen table. A pipe had burst in my attic. Luckily my neighbor noticed when he dropped of my mail and shut off the water to the house.

You do have my sympathy and best wishes, and I'll try to behave myself in comments in the future.

Brooke said...

Sad news, hope it's all sorted for you soon. Look at the bright side - excuse for a refurb!

Brooke x

RIV said...

I'm a few days behind as well, and I am sorry you're going through.
Like brooke said, at least you can redo it a bit.

Many hugs, dear. :(

Anonymous said...

I stroked ur psyche in the midst of our comments...

Yes CJ please get back to us on the busted pipe.

10/7/09 8:27 PM

...hey it's HNT where's the titty fight pic?


Anonymous said...

Sympathy? A pipe burst and you're out of work for a day or two. Should I send flowers?

P.S only mentionning this because you mentionned a lack of sympathy.

The Cook said...

There's a real concern anytime something like this happens of mold forming. Make sure they get everything completely dry, including any moisture that might have seeped into the floors or walls before putting down new carpet etc. Good luck. Hopefully your customers will be "backed up" and raring to go when you're open again.

Anonymous said...

Belated condolences.
(Sorry, but I'm with anon of 10/8/09 9:06 PM)